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Big Creek Natural Area

This trail offers two different loops. One takes you up by an overlook and the other by Big Creek. Both are worth seeing!

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Bridal Veil Falls

The location offers not one but two waterfalls. Both are beautiful. There is a nice overlook built to see the waterfall pictured. You do not want to miss seeing these!

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Buckeye Trail

This trail is wheelchair accessible and is easy to walk. It is 660- foot long and offers some beautiful scenery.


Collins Creek

The nature trail follows alongside the stream with a portion that handicap accessible. It features a cold-water pipeline from the dam, rock riffles to form pools for trout, public access, and interpretive trails.


Hidden Pond Trail

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

This trail is easy and mainly flat and features a 90 foot wooden bridge with seating.


Jeff Anderson Memorial Trail

This trail has been recently renovated and is a 10' wide multi-use trail. It follows the lake shoreline and has some amazing views of the lake. 


Josh Park Memorial Trail

This trail is located near the Greers Ferry Lake and offers multiple trails and distances.  


Mossy Bluff

This trail is around 1.6 miles round trip. It is a beautiful hike along a wooded bluff that overlooks the Little Red River. 


Tonawanda Base Trail

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

This trail follows the base of the mountain. It is somewhat difficult but benches have been installed along the way.


Sulphur Creek Trail

This trail has several completed sections and will eventually be an 11 mile trail. Beautiful with lots of wildlife. 


Summit Trail

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

This trail is the most difficult to navigate and is steep, but the view is amazing!

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