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Broadband Grants

Cleburne County has received several broadband grants through the Arkansas Rural Connect program. We are asking that anyone in Cleburne County that does not have adequate broadband to please call the Judge’s Office at 501-362-8141 after reading through the information given below. We are looking for (1) areas that are still underserved and (2) those who may not know they now have a broadband option or one coming available soon.
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What is adequate coverage considered by the grant?

Adequate coverage is considered 25(download)/ 3(upload) 97% of the time. If you are unsure of what your coverage is currently please go to and do the speed test that is located in the right hand corner. There will be a survey you can fill out as well.

Am I included in the grants?

Please visit to put in your address in the search. If you are in any of the colored areas you should have adequate service or have it in 2022. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE NOT BEING SERVED AND LOOK TO BE IN EITHER THE WINDSTREAM OR THE COMPUTER WORKS GRANT AREA.

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Hotline Consultant
Who do I contact about service?

You can click the colored section of the grant map (see link in the above section) and it will tell you which Internet Service Provider was awarded the grant. Contact information is as follows:

The Computer Works: 

Call 501-329-9144 ext. 105 or fill out the form at


call 1-877-354-1466 or visit

Arkansas Telephone Company:

Available upon completion in 2022

We realize there are many areas in the County that would benefit from improved broadband services. We worked with multiple providers but could only apply for the grant in communities where a private entity ISP was willing to implement a network that met the grant standards.
What if I do not have adiquate coverage and am not in a grant section?

Please let us know! We are working to find other Internet Service Providers that would be willing to do this grant with us. However, we need to know were our underserved areas are located. 

Contact Form

By submitting this information you are allowing us to looking to getting service for this address and to contact you concerning service.

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