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Voter View Website:
Rachelle Evans


Cleburne County Courthouse

301 West Main Street

Heber Springs, AR 72543

Phone: (501) 362-4620

Fax: (501) 362-4622


Office Hours:

Monday- Friday

8:30 am- 4:30 pm 

Office Personnel:

Jaime Cooper-Chief Deputy Clerk/Accounts Payable Clerk

Kim Wallace-Administrative Deputy Clerk/HR Clerical/Payroll Clerk

Tina Grant-Deputy Clerk/Voter Registration

Interactive Map 
  1. Click blue "Table of Contents" 

  2. Click "Legend"

  3. Click "Show Legend" under Reference Layers

  4. Then select any District available (ex. JP, Fire, School etc.)

Requirements to get a Marriage License:
1.) A Driver's License or Photo ID
2.) Document with your full social security number (nothing hand written)
3.) Both parties must be present
4.) $60 cash
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