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County Road Department

County Road Department


44 Sartain Road

Quitman, AR 72131

Phone: (501) 362-3880

Fax: (501) 362-4608



Monday- Thursday

7:00am to 5:00pm

Do I live on a County Road?

Road Repair Request Form

Culvert Request Form

(See Policy Below)

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Culvert Policy

If you are a County Road Resident in need of a culvert whether it be for new construction or to replace a old or damaged one you need to call our office at 501-362-3880 or you can fill out the request form.  We will schedule one of our men to come out and determine the size culvert needed to handle the potential run off. You are required to purchase the culvert. However, when the culvert is on site, you can contact us and we will schedule to have someone come out and install the culvert for you at no charge.

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