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2018 Proposed Ballot Issues

Votes will only be counted for Issue 2 (Voter ID), Issue 4 (Casino Gaming), and Issue 5 (Minimum Wage).

Issue 1

An Amendment Concerning Civil Lawsuits and the Powers of the General Assembly and Supreme Court to Adopt Court Rules 

Issue 2

A Constitutional Amendment Adding as a Qualification to Vote that a Voter Present Certain Valid Photographic Identification when Casting a Ballot In Person or Casting an Absentee Ballot

Issue 3

Arkansas Term Limits Amendment

Issue 4

An Amendment to Require Four Licenses to be Issued for Casino Gaming at Casinos, One Each in Crittenden (to Southland Racing Corporation), Garland (to Oaklawn Jockey Club, Inc.), Pope, and Jefferson Counties 

Issue 5

An Act to Increase the Arkansas Minimum Wage

The views expressed in the fact sheets are from the University of Arkansas, an independent source and do not necessarily reflect that of this County.  

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